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From: Backlash29 x
Subject: group-house-2Disclaimer: This story is about men having sex with men. If that's not your
thing or you're too young to read it, please leave now. The author has
written this purely as a work of erotic fantasy russian sex xxx fiction. Enjoy!GROUP HOUSEby Backlash29"Take it, faggot," the hot, strapping 20-year-old wrestler growled as I felt
his fat cock plunge in and out of my leaking hole. I was on all fours on my
bed, pushing back to meet his every thrust. I loved his big bone, and I knew
it was almost ready to russian nude beautiful girl cum inside me."Yeah, fuck my ass Carl," I said quietly, a little breathless. "I love your
cock. It feels so good. Oh god, I want your load in me. Fuck me harder."It was now a few weeks into the new year. I would never regret my decision
to live at the group house. My life was one huge landscape of hot sex. The
jocks and frat dudes I lived with used russian weather reporter nude asshole 24/7 for their pleasure and I
couldn't get enough. I even changed my class schedule around and dropped
some of my more difficult classes so I could take full advantage of my new
living russian dildo in situation. I got several dicks up my ass every evening, and plenty
throughout the day as well. I also sucked their cocks whenever I could.On the other bed, hot little surfer Matty was wailing happily as some black
hunk railed his ass in the same exact position as me. We were quite a pair,
taking on all the men in the group house along with whatever friends they
brought with them. We were getting a reputation around campus, and I didn't
even care. Those "in the know" knew they could drop by our house any time,
day or night, and if one of our roommates gave the OK, they could come up to
our rooms over the garage and fuck us as hard and as long as they wanted."Uh-hh-hh..." Carl grunted, and he shot his load up my ass. It was his
second load in an hour, and this one felt just as good as the one he shot in
my a few fucks before. He was a buddy of Craig's, one of my hot jock
roommates who lived in the basement of the house.As Carl slid his spent log out of my hole, I twisted my neck around to see
who was waiting behind him. Tino was next in line, followed by Craig
himself. Tino also lived in the basement, and his uncut nine inches were a
particular favorite of mine. He shots gallons of sperm, and he was so
handsome I always made him kiss me while he did my ass. I loved kissing his
handsome Latino features as he held me in his strong, lanky arms and drilled
his meat in and out of my hungry russian beash nudes college boy pussy.Craig was no slouch, either. He had russian sex live webcam dark blond curls and a broad chest. His
eight-inch dick was always hard, and he loved shoving it up my hungry twat
even more than he liked using it to fuck the myriad hot coeds who followed
him around campus wherever he went. All of my roommates were popular with
the women, which gave me a perverse thrill when they were fucking me. I felt
like one of their slutty girls.Craig gave Carl a friendly slap on his nude shoulder as the wrestler hunk
stepped aside to let Tino work his magic. As Tino's hot cock pressed into my
cummy hole, I heard Carl say to Craig: "Bro, that's russian underag still the sweetest pussy
on russian lesbian pics this campus. You're fuckin' lucky to have this hole to fuck whenever the
fuck you want."Then Carl walked over to Matty, serving the boy his flaccid cock to lick off
all the fresh cum. Matty dutifully licked the spent tool, reaching around to
grab the russian adoption peachtree city hard globes of Carl's butt cheeks in order to pull the whole cock
into his mouth. As he did this, the black stud fucking him lost control and
vocally shot his hot seed into Matty's butt. The handsome top--who I later
learned was a friend of my roommates Andy and Chris from their basketball
team--grimaced and shouted as he pumped Matty full of his sweet load.Tino fucked me hard, his sexy Latin stubble tickling my neck as he planted
hisses all around me from behind. Meanwhile his rigid pole slammed in and
out of my hungry pussy hole, russian 14yo rapidshare giving me a world-class fuck. God, I needed his
cock so bad. I'd been on my knees since dinner time (over two hours now)
taking cock after cock up my ass, but still I craved more. Every stroke of
Tino's dick hitting my prostate made me hornier and hornier for more good
hard cock.Tino came in me, followed by Craig and two others I didn't recognize. After
that, I needed a break. I stood up to stretch my legs. Matty was riding
Erik, our best-hung roommate, in his favorite position: sitting in Erik's
lap, facing away, letting the blond god bounce him up and down wildly on his
huge eleven inches."I'm done for now," I told Matt. "Gonna go check on the rest of the boys."Matt nodded, barely acknowledging my words through the nudist filmer russian haze of his blissful
fuck. I knew he loved riding Erik's gigantic bone more than any other cock
in the house. I often jerked off to the two of erotic russian girls photos
them going at it.I stepped out of our "play room" (that's what we now called the shared area
between our bedrooms) and into the bright light of the back stairs hall. I
grabbed a towel off our doorknob and started bending over to wipe up some of
the fresh jizz that was running out of my hole and down my sweaty, toned
legs. Then I heard a familiar voice from the room across the hall: "No man!
Let us do that for ya!"Smiling, I looked up to see Justin and Robb, frat brothers and boyfriends,
looking up from their books at each of their desks in the room they shared.
Both guys were the prototypical frat jocks, with toned buff bodies and very
little clothing beyond their cargo shorts and shell necklaces. They were
both gymrats, played volleyball regularly on the quad russian gils
near our house, and
every night, they fucked each other so hard and so loud the whole house
would shake. They fucked me, too, often enough, but their favorite activity
lately was cleaning me up.I entered their room, fell back on the bed, and shut my eyes. (They had two
twin beds pushed together that they sometimes pulled apart when their
parents visited, or when we had a party at the russian brides fucked house.) Within seconds both
boys got up from their desks russian sex illegal and I felt the mattress being pushed down with
their weight on either side of my body. free russian porn movie Then their tongues simultaneously
landed on my body, one russians girls porn on each leg. They licked my sweat along with russian sex illegal the cum
that streamed out of my asshole. Then they gently pulled my legs apart so
they could take turns licking that fresh man juice directly from the source.As the tongue bath continued, I felt a hand on my dick. I opened my eyes russian kids naked pics to
see Robb grinning up at me sexily as he jerked my hard cock and continued
licking me clean. "Dude, you like that?" he asked. "Need to cum?"I did, absolutely. So Robb stood up and kicked off his shorts, leaving him
entirely naked except for his jock. He climbed over me, rubbing the head of
my dick back and forth in his hot ass crack a few times. Then he leaned
forward for a moment, letting Justin lap his hole a few times to lube it,
before he worked my cock into his hot frat boy hole and slid all the way
down it with a deep, relaxed sigh."Oh fuck yeah Joey," he said. "Good cock. Gimme that big dick. Fuck me
hard."I flexed my hips to fuck up into him, trying to hold back hottie russian
on cumming for as
long as I could. But this plan was put at risk when a newly-naked Justin
climbed in between my legs, raised them up against Robb's back, and worked
his big frat cock into my asshole, grabbing his boyfriend's sexy shoulders
for leverage as he started pumping in and out of my well-used hole. Robb
twisted backward to kiss his lover, giving me the erotic thrill of watching
two frat hunks make out before me as one fucked my ass and the other hardcore russian sex one
rode my fat dick wearing nothing but his jock. Within a few minutes, I came
in Robb's ass, and Justin came in Robb.When we were finished, Dylan appeared at the doorway. "Shit Joey xxx russian ass man, you
gotta leave these nice white boys alone to study, they got a big ol' test in
the morning!" Dylan announced in a good-natured teasing voice. "You're so
hungry for more dick, come over to poor ol' Quentin's room and give him some
head. He's been on crutches for two weeks now and his girl ain't givin' him
no pussy."Dylan lived in the next room down from Robb and Justin. He was a sexy black
hunk with corn rows hot sexy russian babes and one of the most fabulous chests I've ever seen. True
to house tradition, he had a huge bone swinging down between his legs, too,
although it wasn't quite visible in the track shorts he wearing at this
moment. Quentin, meanwhile, was the hot Amerasian stud on the other side of
Dylan, who had fractured his leg in a skiing accident a russian brides fucked few weeks before."I'm on my way," I promised. To Robb and Justin, I said: "A whore's work is
never done. Thanks for cleaning me up, and giving me a place to put that big
load I was saving up.""No worries at all," Robb assured me, dismounting my cock and falling back
on the mattress. "My ass needed it. I think I'll make Mr. Sexy russian sex illegal
here lick it
all out of my before we get back to work." When he said that, Justin's face
lit up illegal nude russian with a gorgeous smile, and soon he was going down between Robb's
spread, sexy frat dude legs, slurping away at his hot little hole, tasting
all the fresh cream I shot into his boyfriend's hole.Quentin was definitely receptive to the idea of a blowjob. I got down on my
knees on the floor as he sat at his desk chair. I eased his sweatpants down
over the plaster cast to expose his sexy, well-gymmed hairy legs. Then I
reached inside his jock to get at his sweaty, beautiful 9-inch cut meat. I
stuck my whole face into his crotch, slurping and sucking, up and down. He
just relaxed and let me do my work.Once again, Dylan appeared from next door. "Just fucked this pussy boy an
hour ago, and I already want more of his sweet ass," Dylan muttered, pulling
his track shorts down and kicking them across the floor. As I continued
sucking off Quentin, Dylan lined up his giant black torpedo with my shapely
butt cheeks and drilled the whole thing inside. I took his enormous cock
with no problem at all--I'd been fucked by over a dozen cocks since dinner
time, after all--and relished the feeling of him heavily pumping in and out.Soon enough, both sexy roommates dumped their loads in me at either end. But
I wasn't done yet. I kept sucking Quentin until he was hard again, and then
I hopped up and sat down fully on his hot cripple dick. russians bondage pics Quentin moaned and
clutched my midsection as I pumped my ass up and down russians girls porn
on his cock. Then I
motioned Dylan over, and took his big black cock in my mouth for some
serious sucking. Within seconds he was hard again as well, and in another
five minutes, I got their loads in me at either end once again.Now, all that great cock should have been enough for me. I am a total whore
for men's cocks, especially the huge wangs that hang off my fourteen sexy
roommates, but for all the fucking I'd gotten that night (and plenty of
other fucks over the course of the day, both in my room that morning and at
a few of the tearooms on campus in the afternoon) you'd think I'd be
satisfied. I thought I was, too, until I stepped out of Quentin's room en
route to the shower, and heard my roommate Tim's from the stairwell: "Joey!
Hey, Slut!"I stopped, naked and leaking cum once more, and waited until Tim's and
Dave's cute heads popped into view on the railing. They were two more frat
brothers, straight mostly, but constantly horny and boisterous. One of their
closest friends and frat brothers, Will, shared a room with Tino and Craig
in the russian underag basement."Hey slut-boy," Tim said russian nude girl photos again. He loved calling me that. His voice was
nasal but in a cute way, and it sounded hot to be called "slut boy" by him
repeatedly while his dick was pounding analysing russian rag song in and out of my ass."Yeah?" I said."Good, he's already naked," Dave chimed in. "Will's downstairs in his room
with a bunch of the boys. We wanna pull a big train on your ass. You game?"I sighed. No rest for the wicked.TO BE CONTINUED* * *What do you think? Feedback and suggestions? backlash29hotmail.comMy other stories are: russian 14yo rapidshare "Ryan's russian nice pussy Hole", "Ryan Goes Down", "40 Days and 39
Nights", "Enrique, Justin and Eminem" and "Bulletproof Hunk" in
Gay/Celebrities; "Seann and Justin" in Gay/Celebrities/Boy Bands; "Birthday
Slut", "Frat Slut Gangbang" and "Substitute Slut" in Gay/College; "Week-end
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Joe" in Gay/Authoritarian; and "Buttsex Junkie" in Bisexual/Beginnings.

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